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Is Music Therapy Right for Your Loved One?

A Whole Being Approach

Music-Inspired and Goal-Focused
We believe in holistic therapy, which is characterized by acknowledging and caring for the needs of each individual as a whole person, rather than isolating and treating expressed symptoms.

We do this by getting to know our client’s stories, understanding what makes them unique, and determining attainable goals that increase their overall wellness.

You know your child better than anyone at this point, and you want nothing but the best for them. Want to know if music therapy is right for them?

You’re in the right place.

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Do you want your child to…

Awake in Wellness

  • Find peace, confidence, and assurance in themselves?
  • Improve their life skills while having fun?
  • Have a safe space to express their feelings and emotions?
  • Improve their physical, emotional, cognitive, social, communication, and/or behavioral needs?
  • Improve overall physical rehabilitation and facilitate movement?
  • Become engaged in their treatment?
  • Reach their personal goals?

Then music therapy is the perfect fit for your family. Get started by diving into our free guidebook to determine if music therapy is right for your loved one!

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Awake in Wellness
“My almost 3-year-old twins, one with Cerebral Palsy and the other with Sensory Processing Disorder, look forward to seeing Jessica every week! All of my children’s therapy goals are incorporated in a fun and engaging environment, and many of the activities taught can be done at home throughout the week. It has been one of our favorite forms of therapy!”


Your Child’s Love for Music and Themselves Enhances Here

Whether your child loves music or is brand new to it, they’ll be sure to find the support they need through active participation. Our Music Therapists will facilitate meaningful music experiences for your child based on age, stage, and abilities.

In this free guidebook, you’ll receive…

Awake in Wellness

  • Self-awareness and reflection of where your child is currently at.
  • The opportunity to plan the outcomes of music therapy and how that will affect you and your child’s life.
  • Structured goal-setting where you’ll be able to determine the goals you’d like your child to obtain.
  • A step-by-step guide to break down those goals into actionable steps (just like we do in music therapy) to ensure those goals are attainable.
  • The support, education, and information you need in order to move forward.

Watch your child gain self-confidence, reach their goals, and build their love for music, all while having fun. We’re dedicated to making a positive impact while creating real results for your child.

Is Music Therapy Right for Your Loved One?

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